Google walkout was ‘unprecedented.’ It could prompt more tech protests

At Google offices around the world earlier this week, employees gathered en masse for the Google walkout, a coordinated demonstration to protest the company’s handling of sexual harassment allegations against some key executives. At one point at the search giant’s global headquarters in Mountain View, California, thousands of Google employees streamed onto campus, through a […]


Supersonic without the boom

It hasn’t flown in 15 years, but Concorde Alpha Foxtrot still looks like something from far in the future. You’ll notice its striking and almost sensuous lines the moment you enter its museum home in Bristol, England. A sharply pointed nose gently widens to a slender fuselage and broad delta-shaped wings that dip slightly to […]


Instagram co-founders leaving Facebook to ‘explore creativity again’

The cofounders of Facebook’s photo-sharing app Instagram have resigned their positions and plan to leave the company in coming weeks. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom and Chief Technical Officer Mike Krieger notified Instagram and Facebook executives of their decision on Monday,the New York Times reported Monday evening. Systrom confirmed the resignations in a company blog post […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies At Joint Senate Commerce/Judiciary Hearing

Bill Gates says Mark Zuckerberg ‘owes’ him for DC advice

Bill Gates says Mark Zuckerberg ‘owes’ him for some valuable advice the Microsoft co-founder gave the Facebook co-founder. Gates, who’s become a bit of a mentor and role model for Zuckerberg, both in business and philanthropy, advised his fellow Harvard dropout to be alert to the opinions of lawmakers, according to a profile of Zuckerberg […]