Manchester United’s problems grow as Victor Lindelof’s agent raises doubts over defender’s future

le Gunnar Solskjaer is facing a fresh headache after doubts were raised over Victor Lindelof’s future at Manchester United and more attempts were made to deepen the wedge between the club and Paul Pogba. Pogba and Romelu Lukaku are among the high profile stars who want to quit Old Trafford this summer and now Lindelof’s agent has […]

That ‘Selling Sunset’ $40 Million House Is Still Up for Sale

It has a 15-car garage and four hot tubs. The cornerstone of the first episode of Netflix’s debut docusoap Selling Sunset? The 20,000-square-foot, $40 million Hollywood Hills mansion, presented mid-construction to the Oppenheim Group team (a.k.a. the stars of Selling Sunset). Per Selling Sunset, the mansionboasts a $1.2 million commission for the agent lucky enough to sell it. It’s the […]


Smile! Goats prefer happy people, study finds

The next time you encounter a goat, be sure to smile at it.  We all know dogs are good at reading our moods, but it turns out goats may have a talent for telling if humans are happy or not, too.  An international team of researchers led by Alan McElligott of London’s Queen Mary University […]

The Opal Tower at Sydney Olympic Park is sitting empty as engineers investigate the source of the problem. Picture: Mick Tsikas

Opal’s ‘sky gardens’ investigated

The stunning sky gardens running through the middle of Sydney’s crumbling Opal Tower — a huge selling point for the 36-storey building — could now be its undoing as engineers begin to investigate the section’s structural integrity. Residents were forced out of their apartments for the second time in four days giving an independent panel […]


Google walkout was ‘unprecedented.’ It could prompt more tech protests

At Google offices around the world earlier this week, employees gathered en masse for the Google walkout, a coordinated demonstration to protest the company’s handling of sexual harassment allegations against some key executives. At one point at the search giant’s global headquarters in Mountain View, California, thousands of Google employees streamed onto campus, through a […]

The “furious” mother’s post has caused an outpouring of anger. Picture: Facebook

Staff caught ‘bragging’ about taking collectables

A NSW woman has uncovered a Coles Mini Shop scandal — and parents are outraged. Taking to the closed Coles Little Shop — Minis Swap Group Australia Facebook group earlier today, an Aussie mother of three revealed her own mother had overheard staff “bragging” about swiping the coveted collectable cases used to house the minis. […]


New load of mysterious alien signals detected in one big haul

Fast radio bursts are among the most mysterious and elusive outer space phenomena of recent years. Now, researchers using an Australian radio telescope have just detected one of the biggest single hauls of the brief but powerful bursts of radio waves. ‘We’ve found 20 fast radio bursts in a year, almost doubling the number detected worldwide […]


Supersonic without the boom

It hasn’t flown in 15 years, but Concorde Alpha Foxtrot still looks like something from far in the future. You’ll notice its striking and almost sensuous lines the moment you enter its museum home in Bristol, England. A sharply pointed nose gently widens to a slender fuselage and broad delta-shaped wings that dip slightly to […]